Tuesday, August 29, 2017


A reader asked if my name was a combination of characters on a TV show. For those who are curious, here's the reply I sent her. (Because, yes, I do try to answer questions if I know the answer.)

"Okay, here's the skinny on my name. It is short and simple and plain and I never gave it much thought, but when I wrote a Regency romance for Dell many years ago my agent phoned to say they were happy with the manuscript but needed a romantic name for the author. Huh. I had never thought of myself or my name as unromantic. But I put together a list of family names and they liked the Phoebe and Matthews combination. And I thought that was the end. No. at about that time I had a book coming out with Avon so the next phone call was from the agent saying Avon wanted  to know if the Phoebe name belonged to me or to Dell. When told it belonged to me, they wanted to use it and did so for several more books of mine and it was the thin edge of the wedge. Now it is the only name I use professionally and even friends and family sometimes call me Phoebe.