Monday, April 27, 2015

May Newsletter

The unending chaos continues unending, with the siding still unfinished, the water and electricity being shut off whenever the contractor decides to do so, and oh yeah, now there are roofers pounding above me. Ho hum. At least the weather is progressing nicely, with trees blossoming and sun occasionally coming out of the clouds.

Oh yes, this project, which started last September and was supposed to be completed by December, has certainly put me in the mood to think about vampires.

 Vampire Lust, the fourth novel in the series, has now made it to Kindle.  The paperback should be out sometime this summer.

The BookClub ebook, Turning Vampire 1,2, contains the first two novels in the series at a price break and  has been available at Kobo, nook, ibook, and inktera since January. Now it is available on Kindle with a fabulous new cover. (Or if you hate the new cover, let me know.)

April has been a busy month, what with screaming at the building management and wrapping up the vampire series and finishing the short story about Handsome Harold. Maybe May will improve? I work hard at being an optimist and I often flunk that class. You will meet Harold in Vampire Lust and he also has his own story.

May 11 thru 16: As a summer special, there will be a Kindle Countdown each month for a YA novel.  The May special is Try a Switchstance at
On the 11th the book will be 99 cents. The price goes up every 2 days, and on the 16th it will return to its regular price of $2.99.

And if I am unbelievably lucky, sometime in the month of May the building projects will be finished and everyone will be pleased with the results. Keep in mind that I write fiction.

Turning Vampire 1,2
Vampire Lust
Handsome Harold

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mail blues

So I finally connected with JPeterman and ordered a shirt that is way more beautiful than the ad - well, the ad is beautiful but it doesn't show the careful seams, the quality fabric, etc. My only problem was the envelope in which it came. Somewhere along the shipping line, something mysterious happened. So my friend Rosemary suggested I take a photo of the envelope and send it to the seller and to top that off, she wrote a letter for me to send with it. Here it is, for fellow lovers of the catalog:

"Peterman," I shouted over the roar of the engine, "I think we lost a couple of packages on the last turn."
With a squeal of brakes and grinding of gears, Peterman reversed back up the Casbah's alley. I leaned over the side and pulled the envelope out of the dust just as the jeep lurched forward. The package spun out of my hands and under the rear wheels.
"Sorry," muttered Peterman as he carefully pulled forward a foot so I could retrieve my order. "I was distracted by the blonde in the red silk veil."

Ah, that explained how the tire marks were on both sides of the envelope.
Fortunately, the shirt inside the package was the expected perfection.

Friday, December 12, 2014

How could I not know? Why did no one tell me? Today on another blog someone talked about amazingly fun ads with long, poetic, exciting descriptions, such as appeared in magazines back in the 1920s and 30s. And someone commented that this also occurred in J. Peterman, sob, it's gone, we all thought. And another commenter said, "Not so! They are back." I went on-line and sure enough, Peterman does do an online catalog and also an honest to gosh paper one. Took me a minute to find where to sign up and another horrified minute to realize I was actually ordering another catalog to be stuffed into my overcrowded mailbox. But hey, Peterman isn't a catalog, it is art and literature. And the items in the online are truly Peterman. The other great heartbreak of my life was the loss of Banana Republic. Well, yes, I know they still exist but under different ownership and all they have in common with the original is the name. So thank God I have found Peterman and the merchandise is recognizable as Peterman. I wait breathlessly to see if the catalog prose is as exciting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Squirreling away books for winter -

Right now I am finishing my WIP, Jimmyed Coffin, Mudflat Magic book 7, due out in October, and who knows, maybe then I will have more time to catch up on reading.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lugging home a Watermelon?

More tourists, more traffic, more sunshine, more people with their brains on vacation, at least, I guess that is why the pedestrians swarm across the streets and stand right in front of the traffic and then look confused when a driver honks a horn. This is Seattle and folks here prefer not to honk horns but hey! Even more, they prefer not to run over anyone.

Now you know why I spend my time at home, not in the car. There is a grocery in walking distance which is fine except when I want to buy a watermelon. I can carry me home, but not a watermelon. So once a week I take the car and load it with all the heavy stuff.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Clueless in Seattle

School is out and oh yeah, the sun took a vacation and the rain clouds moved in. We adults are hiding out in the bookstores, libraries, any place quiet. Home isn't.